Anonymous email form psycho ex

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Anonymous email form psycho ex

Post by pleasehelp1234 » Tue Oct 10, 2017 9:20 am

So a few days ago, my parents were sent an email by an account named 'agoodfriend', that basically voiced concerns about the type of person was becoming, and was generally quite hurtful. My parents and I were concerned, and so I attempted to find out who the user of the email was. My parents attempted to reply to the sender, but found the account was deactivated. When I tried to access the account used by going on the 'forgot password section' it showed me a partially blocked out phone number to contact, with only the first two and last two digits. From this information I went through my contacts and found the only phone number this could match was my ex girlfriend, who is apparently emailing my parents telling them I'm a bad person. But I can't know this for absolute certain. This morning I read about tracing email IP addresses through showing the long header on emails, only to find out at the last point that BTinternet emails doesn't do this service!!! I am now beyond frustration with this email, and just want certifiable proof of who sent the email, in order for me to confront them about it. Any suggestions at all would be really appreciated, as I am going out of my mind with frustration.

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Re: Anonymous email form psycho ex

Post by nielsencl1 » Fri Oct 13, 2017 9:20 am

If you want actual proof, you would need to get a court order so you could access the account information of the sender. This is not foolproof as someone could be using the IP address of someone else. But given the nature of the incident I doubt the person realizes they could be traced if need be. Most people don't realize this.

But come on, what are the chances that someone else has a phone number like that and wants to help/hurt you? Based on what you said there is little doubt especially if the ex has good or ill feelings about you. You said "concerns" so maybe she feels you need help with something...

Anyway, she may have upset your world but it's not like she exposed something of Facebook or Twitter. You can't take legal action unless she lied about the things she said. Even then I don't know what your options are.

I don't know you or all the details, but I would own up to anything that is true, no matter how difficult, and completely deny anything that is false. While the false things may cause problems, NO ONE should trust an anonymous message from a coward over the person they love.

Good Luck!


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