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Help help help

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Please HELP.. my router/internet basically all have been hacked. I’m no longer the admin and they have been using for all the devices in my house. My kids and wive’s mobile been hacked. I did abit of check and THEY are using the IPv4 address
And my default is totally different. Should I list down my ip add or? I’m lost and really3 need ur help guys.
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Re: Help help help

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You will need to reset your modem/router to its default settings, log in using the default admin credentials, and change ALL passwords to something other than what you had been using previously. On the modem/routers I've ever used at home, there is a hardware reset button that needs the use of a pin to start the reset process.

If you've got WiFi enabled on your router, you will need to use stronger security than WEP, which is easily broken. You might also want to restrict access to devices you trust using some form of MAC access control. How to do this will depend on which make/model modem/router you arie using.