Tracking down an IP address - urgent

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Tracking down an IP address - urgent

Post by danibp727 »

I am trying to find the IP address of a fraudulent email account. This email address is pretending to be someone they are not and making false reports. How can I with out having an original email find out the IP address. We think its my fiances ex wife.
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Re: Tracking down an IP address - urgent

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Without having access to the original email, you don't have a lot of options.
  1. Send an email to the account in an attempt to trick them into clicking on a link that will track their IP address using IPLogger or Grabify. This would get you the IP address that you might be able to compare to your fiance's ex (if you happen to know it)
  2. Hire a lawyer, file a lawsuit, and subpoena the email provider for the account access records. From there, you might need to subpoena the ISP for the IP address to find out which customer it was assigned to at the dates/times the account was accessed.
Even with access to the original email, it's become less likely that the sender's IP address is included in the headers.
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