Remove hacker from my device and everything else

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Re: Remove hacker from my device and everything else

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They hacked into one of my emails, contacted godaddy under pretense of being me and stole thriftrus (dot) com, which is now on sale on for 16k. They have partially ruined my life and it sucks ass.
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Re: Remove hacker from my device and everything else

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If your domain was previously registered at GoDaddy, you should be able to work with their fraud department to get the domain back into your account.
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Re: Remove hacker from my device and everything else

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I have had the same thing happen! Geez! If nothing else I am glad to hear it from others so that I know I am not going crazy! :? They have infiltrated my phone, taken over an old email address, have access to my main email address after continually changing my password, I have wiped out all Google managed passwords and deleted them and then gone to all accounts that I have and have changed all those passwords and all emails as well. But to no avail. I know that my identity has been stolen and my ss# has been located on the dark web. I have my credit on lock down and have had it locked down for quit awhile. I also have locked down my son's credit as well, just as a precaution. I have received phone calls from what looked to be my doctors' offices, telling me I am late for my doctor's appointments or missed them all together so I reschedule or show up to the doctors' offices , supposedly late; all to find out that they never called me and I didn't even have a doctor's appointment that day. I really started thinking I was loosing it! But I have put Block app on my phone along with a few other tools and that has seemed to help. I don't want to talk about all the tricks I have on my phone but I have about 5 or six layers of protection on my phone now as it is necessary to protect my phone from being hacked all the time. Plus I review what devises are attached to my google accounts at any given time and I shut all of them down and change passwords frequently. I just changed my wifi hub devise as well, as someone was hacking my home wifi too. I also implemented two step verification and that has helped but deleting all passwords from my google accounts and going "old school" with my passwords (ie: keeping a RW notebook with me at home and office) has been a bigger help. I would suggest those steps first. Hopes this helps anyone else who is going through this. Also VPN with anti track/hack software/app is also a great way to go. Good luck, stay tenacious, it's alot to do but you can get on top of it. The most important thing you can do after all of that though is to report to the problem to
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Re: Remove hacker from my device and everything else

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