Post your questions about DNS based blacklists, what they are, listing status, and removal help.
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The focus of this forum is to provide insight and assistance to administrators as to why a mail server's IP may have been listed, what steps they should take to remove the listing, and how to prevent future listings. Posts about censorship and the legality of blacklists are off topic and will be deleted.

Whatismyipaddress.com does not run or manager any blacklist. We cannot remove you from any blacklist. In many cases we can assist in determining the cause of the listing and how to resolve it before you request removal from the blacklist's website directly. Please include the IP address if you choose to post here. When a blacklist has specific removal processes and links it's indicated on the detail page about that blacklist.

Most blacklists are setup for mail server administrators to take hints as to what incoming mail may be spam. If the IP address you are looking up is not a mail server the blacklists will have little or no impact. However, they may indicate that a system has been compromised.

Please read the FAQ: How do I get an IP removed from a blacklist? before posting. When you do post, please include the IP address any email bounce messages you may have received. Without these we cannot provide any assistance.

When it comes to the APEWS blacklist:
  • Don't worry
  • Don't post to any USENET group about it -- it won't help
  • VERY few mail admins use APEWS to block email because they are VERY aggressive -- they blacklist 40%+ of the internet.
  • If a bounce message does not specifically mention APEWS then the block is very likely NOT because of APEWS.
  • If the bounce message DOES mention APEWS call your contact or send them email from a different domain (hotmail, gmail, etc) and ask them to remove the APEWS blacklist check at their mail server.