Allow school proxy to access filtered home network

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Allow school proxy to access filtered home network

Post by kerryo » Mon Oct 07, 2013 4:49 pm

My son's school has started posting assignments, etc. online, and he needs to be able to access the school site. I would like to be able to limit him to access only the school website until his homework is finished for the evening, however. The kids have access to a separate home network with a Linksys router and I am using OpenDNS to apply filters. There is a "whitelist only" function on OpenDNS. I added the school domain to the whitelist and it works fine on my computer, allowing me to access the school server but nothing else. But my son's school-issued laptop cannot access the internet when I have the whitelist-only function enabled. I assume the school is using some kind of proxy server. How can I identify the school's proxy server domain and add it to the whitelist? Or, how can he bypass the school's proxy server to access the internet directly, as my computer does?

Also, I understand he can bypass the OpenDNS blocks by changing his DNS, so I tried blocking port 53 on the router, but then he couldn't connect at all, I assume for the same reason.

I know that he will most likely figure out a way to bypass my system eventually, but I'd like to at least make him have to learn something in order to do so. Thanks for any help in pointing me towards a solution.


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