What is difference between VPN and proxy?

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What is difference between VPN and proxy?

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What is difference between VPN and proxy?
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Re: What is difference between VPN and proxy?

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well, everybody is probably on vacation and let the poor Voodoo do the reply :mrgreen:
VPN is kinda of "Virtual Private Network". Ask Google for details (click here) if you interest on the layman's term. Or let me confuse you. VPN works as if it was a Plug-In to your Network-driver. Hence, you need a piece of installed Software on your machine. Everytime when you surf with a browser the "VPN plug-in" diverts secretly your "traffic" to one of the VPN servers where you subscribe. And from there it lets your "traffic" free onto the web. If you "unsubscribe" your VPN you have to "unplug" (deinstall) this VPN-Plug-in. :shock:

Proxy is a general term for an "Intermediator". Again, if you love the layman's term you have to ask Google (click here). Or let me befog you again. Proxy is a server that intermediates a group of users within a LAN/WAN (L/W for Local/Wide Area Network). What you have to do is to tell (i.e. configure the settings) your Browser where it'd go.

You see the main difference? Functionality? It's so:

VPN makes you anonymous 'cause those who want to spy you see only the IP of your VPN. But it isn't a problem for a State-Spying-Agency :twisted:
Proxy depends on what kind of proxy you "subscribe". When you set your browser settings to a proxy your Browser generates stupidly this sentence "Proxy-Connection: keep-alive". When your proxy lets this message get thru this proxy is called a TRANSPARENT proxy. Otherwise it could be an Anonymous/Elite proxy when this stupid message is suppressed...You follow my spell? Good! And have a nice day.