How are proxies or VPN's identified as such?

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How are proxies or VPN's identified as such?

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How do proxies or IPs identified as VPNs get identified as such. I see on multiple sites a list of "proxies" or even this site identifies an IP address as a VPN or a proxy. Is this done through a stumble upon process or is it more technical than that?

Also does the fact that someone is using something like a hosted server as a proxy make the IP coming from it a "proxy" in the technical sens or is should that simply be used in more of a descriptive sense?

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Re: How are proxies or VPN's identified as such?

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When it comes to proxies there are multiple ways they can be identified:
1) The proxy identifies itself as such.
2) There are behavioral patterns of the IP address which are the same or similar to a proxy.
3) Scanning. There are systems that constantly scan the internet as a whole looking for possibly compromised machines that are being used proxies. There are also systems that take a more targeted approach and scan specific IP addresses candidates to confirm if they are proxies.

VPNs are a different technic as they don't identify themselves as such. There are also behavior patterns and people to join each of the major VPN services to see what IP addresses they are using.
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Re: How are proxies or VPN's identified as such?

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I'm no expert but I have discovered that sites have lists of the IP's of better known VPN providers which they constantly update and if you use one of these they will likely be on their list. It's worth trying one of the lesser known VPN providers as these will have IP's that stand more chance of getting 'under the radar.'