Urgent help in tracing a gmail user !

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Urgent help in tracing a gmail user !

Post by Jasmine38 » Sat Aug 12, 2017 8:32 pm

Hello, I recently posted an add on Craighslist (CL) and the person who replied started everything too perfect in chatting until he got nervous because he can't lie me in something in this conversations about the topic I posted. When I told him to tell me the truth because anyway I will have all his info and IP address and he will pay hard for what he did ( I just scared him to make him say truth but I don't know in fact to do this ) ,he come up telling me he is really sorry and he hopes I forgive him and he said all the pictures he sent to me are pictures from internet , bla bla and not his own. And he said sorry again.
Then I tried find his IP address, but is a gmail account and I am not sure how to search for it. I used this website and posted all header message , from begining to end , but I am not sure if must be used only a part from this header message or all ? The result was :

" was which is located in United States. This Email was sent at Fri, 11 Aug 2017 22:42:46 +0800.

IP address:
Country: United States (US)
ISP Google
Organization: Google
Latitude: 37.751000
Longitude: -97.822000
As great as an email header trace is, you only get an idea of its origin, but you don't get the exact details of the email sender. If the email sender is masking his or her IP address with a proxy or software then you won't get accurate information about his location. "

I see is from US, but how accurate is this ? Is really from US this E-mail sent, or the IP address is false ?

I mention that the sender told me he is from Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur and gave me a phone number to call him . However I called that number and a person answered, then closed the phone. He asled me call him again because he didn't knew is me . I told him to call back and look in his phone to see the last call received. He asked my number and my mistake , I gave him my number, but he insisted me to call him again. I called again that number to to this game until end, because anyway I wanted see a result. The person rejected my number and no answer and the sender of E-mail said " Why not call me ? Let's talk" , " my phone not ringied " . I knew he lie but then when I scared him that he will remember everruthing from since he was born until now when all his info will come up and he will pay for this, he reacted like got scared and gave up saying sorry and he said all was just to disturb me and that the pics is not his pics. And he disappeared. I tried put "his" number in my phonebook and so, I can see him online in Whatsapp without he know I see him. I searched for that phone number and appear in Wechat on a Chinese Malaysian name and on Linkedin this name is too, and as profession he write " computer and network security" or something like this without any picture posted or other info . Facebook the same, is a simple profile on that name and no other pics or nfo.
I am wonder if is a scammer or is relaly from security trying to see if I am a spy in country or what I posted is real. I wish trash his E-mail but the result is like I posted up. Please help ! Thank you !

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Re: Urgent help in tracing a gmail user !

Post by Chrispcritters » Sun Aug 13, 2017 8:46 am

The IP address is a Google mail server, not the sender's IP address. Unfortunately Google mostly does not include the sender's IP address anymore.

You can try some of tricks to get someone's IP address.

In general I would not trust people that you meet on craigslist or online dating sites that you've never met in person. It's unfortunately a breeding ground for scammers.
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