How to know if zip is Public or Private

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How to know if zip is Public or Private

Post by Marmaz » Thu Apr 12, 2018 7:57 pm

Some providers (or Fastweb in Italy) assign PRIVATE Ip to users unless users make specific request for a Public Ip. They do this to save money as Public zip (not only Static but also Dynamic) have a cost for them. This means that these users might share their External IP (I use this term so we don’t confuse with Public) with other users (generally in the same building or street). This works fine for general internet browsing but creates problems for online gaming or torrent seeding where the device needs to be reachable directly on the web.

1- is there a way to understand without contacting the provider if a device appears on the web with an External Ip that is shared with other ISP users? Is there for example a website or an executable I can install that will tell me this?

2- without having access to the isp router (not the local lan router) is there a way a user could configure his own router to get a specific application to be fully reachable online?
Let’s say he wants to seed torrent files (download is ok.... but to seed he needs to be publicly reachable) can he create torrents that not only point to his External (Public but shared with others) Ip but instruct the ISP router to forward requests to his specific Private Ip?

Hope I have been clear.


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