Receiving email from broadridge

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Receiving email from broadridge

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Hi, I have had an account and still do to which i make payment, auto payment.
I have been receiving bounced emails from this to an email address that is not on that payment account to which another is listed
and have never given my auto finance co any alternate address. I have auto sign in with the email address on the auto corp site and make payments directly on the site. I lost the pw to the email listed to which can still receive emails. I simply cannot open it. But, either way its not necessary so I have not changed the email address on auto site. How did this bounce occur through third parties to an email address not listed for the billing and never verified and the link goes to my auto place. I have not given broadridge any permission to email my info to an account that is not legally listed.
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Re: Receiving email from broadridge

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Sometimes spammers forge the "from" address in the emails they send out. If the spam they spew falsely lists you as the sender and it gets bounced, the intended recipient's provider will not be able to tell that it wasn't you who actually sent the email. As a result, the bounce will mistakenly get sent back to you.