Incorrect name of the region

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Incorrect name of the region

Post by Rusich »

Hello! I needed to get information about the IP address The provider and the city were determined correctly:
Decimal: 3641956150
ASN: 1547
ISP: JSCC Interdnestrcom
Organization: JSCC Interdnestrcom
Services: None detected
Type: Broadband
Assignment: Likely Dynamic IP
Continent: Europe
Country: Moldova
State/Region: Transnistria
City: Tiraspol
But the "State/Region" field is not only incorrect, but also extremely offensive (the real name is "Pridnestrovie" or "Stînga Nistrului"). I hope this was just a joke, and please correct it, because if your base allows such excesses, then it simply cannot be used in any way, unfortunately.
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Re: Incorrect name of the region

Post by Chrispcritters »

When it comes to geolocation and mapping data, areas of political turmoil are often in flux and regardless of the decisions made by data and mapping companies one side of the viewpoint is guaranteed not to like the decision.

Assuming that JSCC Interdnestrcom is your ISP, I suggest that you contact a representative there and encourage them to submit an update with each of the major geolocation providers.
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