i have questions about my ip address

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i have questions about my ip address

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im using and have my email account since i was a high school student, without knowledge about binding account since that old days time end up here for a help. i want to cry and need a hug because of what i have done and where to start :( now i know about the error of why my ip address has a blacklist due to my other account was bind in one another :( i don't even know that i have bind it in the first place :(, maybe because all of it was my old emails, the oldest one was way back 2008, after i read about the smth authentication i feel like an ice bucket was splash to my body :( and give me chills and sleepless nights i cant even focus on my work :/ i don't even have a tech friend that i can ask and answer what to do .. i have already unbind the old emails i have that what i think it was the reason why it happen .. :( can someone help me where can i start again about this matter to live as a normal citizen again .. T.T

im sincerely sorry :(
and i think i have also click un authorized link T.T that made it even worst .. help me anyone . even a private msg will do. :(
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Re: i have questions about my ip address

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What is your question?
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