Purevpn scam

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Purevpn scam

Post by Griffin75 »

Hi. I was on your website earlier reading info regarding VPN and the benefits that can provide regarding online privacy etc and on one of your topics under your learn tab there was info on 9 different ways to hide your ip address. At the bottom of that page there was a suggestion to check out Purevpn so I clicked on the button and was taken to their Web page where they showed what packages were available and for what price. One of the options was for 3.33 for 2 yrs 70% off so I clicked on that option scrolled down to the pay by credit card mcafee secured etc paid the amount stated in the package and after only 20 mins I checked my bank account and I had been charged $105.19 by Purevpn. Thought I should make you aware of the issue considering the glowing recommendation you had made on your website and after 30 mins of arguing and providing links and screenshots and having to use shouty capitals to show my anger at being ripped off it's now apparently going to take them 5-7 days to refund me my money! I'm certainly not happy and I'm sure you wouldn't be either as it reflects back to your recommendations.
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Re: Purevpn scam

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Thanks for sharing this. It's never good when billing for a service does not match expectations -- and not what we expect from our partners.

If you're willing to privately share details about your purchase so we can follow up, feel free to reach out.
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