Less specific geolocation information permanent? (UK)

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Less specific geolocation information permanent? (UK)

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Hello there,
Following on from a similar question, I've noticed the results returned are less detailed.
I moderate a forum that uses your service to look up anon users/spammers/trolls and it helps to identify problems early.
Unfortunately, details have reduced recently.
For example, something like:
British Telecom,
Little Hampton,
West Sussex

Has become:
British Telecom,

As you'll appreciate, that makes things almost unusable - where once we could pinpoint people to specific areas, now we have generic areas and it is not helpful.
I see if I use (manually add to) another online service that the information is still discernable from the IP, just not visible here.
Could you just reassure me that this is part of finding the new data providers or am I now looking to find a more accurate provider.
I've used this service for a considerable time, but it isn't of much use without more specific information that is actually available when running the IP - so would be grateful for any help in this matter.
Kind regards,
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Re: Less specific geolocation information permanent? (UK)

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Yes, we're working to integrate additional data partners.

If you would be so kind as to open a support ticket by emailing [email protected] and letting us know some of the exact IP addresses you are specifically having the issue with?
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